Actors choose fi-core status for any number of reasons including disagreement with S.A.G. policies and practices and a desire to work on projects they otherwise would be forced to pass on. Some actors choose fi-core as a result of actions or threats from S.A.G. over past work on a non-authorized project or out of simple necessity and a desire for more work options.

The fact is that some projects simply can't afford the requirements and/or restrictions of working under a S.A.G. contract. Fortunately, some actors see the reality and do what they feel is necessary despite intimidation tactics.

Although most fi-core members are stuggling actors just wanting to work and trying to get by on the modest paychecks from intermittent jobs, a few well known talents have made the move as well.


  • Jon Voight

  • Wilford Brimley

  • Charlton Heston (previously fi-core within Actor's Equity)

  • George Clooney (fi-core within Writer's Guild)

  • George Lucas (fi-core status within the Director's Guild)

  • Quentin Tarantino (fi-core status within the Director's Guild)

  • Robert Rodriguez (fi-core status within the Director's Guild)


(we're looking for confirmation or refutation to update our records)

  • Robert Duvall

  • Michael Madsen

  • Dennis Hopper

  • Jan Michael Vincent

  • Michael Ironside

  • Adam West

  • Gary Graham

  • Joe Estevez

Any additions or corrections to this list would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at:

We're also hoping to add a more detailed fi-core database inclusive of all interested fi-core actors to make available to producers and directors. This resource will include names, photo(s), resume and, at some point, online acting reels. Actors are invited to write us for future inclusion in this database.





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